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A book series by Jessica Gottlieb MSW, T.S.

and Michael Calce

A Guide to Cyber Wellness

An interactive and proactive approach to cyber hygiene through a mental health lens

Includes a guide for parents & caregivers!

This book is dedicated to all the children and teenagers who have been bullied or cyberbullied. We hope that this book helps raise awareness, teaches strategies, prevents and ultimately lessens cyberbullying.

-Jessica Gottlieb & Michael Calce


Meet the Authors

Jessica Gottlieb
Michael Calce

Jessica Gottlieb MSW, T.S., Clinical Social Worker and children's book author and Michael Calce, President of Optimal Secure and HP Security Advisory Board Chairman, combined their expertise to create a textbook/workbook for children, parents, caregivers and schools.


Their book takes a proactive approach to cyber safety through a mental health lens. The ultimate goal is to help children and teenagers understand the risks they face online and develop coping tools and strategies to safely navigate and respond to online experiences.


Children and teens aged 9 to 14 will learn various coping skills to help them deal with sadness, worry and anger. They will also learn how to build self-confidence and increase their cyber resilience. Children and teens should know how to be safe when surfing the web and protecting themselves against cyberbullying in the same way as they learn about stranger danger.

This workbook also explains the benefits of screen-time safety. The book has a unique format; there is a combination of a story and an interactive worksheet/factsheet component. Also included is a parent fact sheet, cyber Hygiene: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers. It is recommended that this book be read with a book buddy such as a parent, caregiver, teacher or trusted adult.

Internet guide for kids and parents

“Children need to know about cyber safety and cyberbullying in the same way as they need to learn about stranger danger. We often get asked the following questions: What do I say to my child? What can we as parents do to help? Here are some answers."

Learn the Lingo

Cyberbullying is an extreme form of bullying using digital technologies. It can happen over text, email, messages, social media, gaming applications, etc. It is a targeted and deliberate behaviour intended to cause harm to another individual. Sharing innapropriate images and videos of a person and/or distributing them is also a form of cyberbullying.

Cyber safety and digital wellbeing is the responsible use of the Internet and social media platforms ad promotes mental wellness of Internet users. Digital wellness and awareness assists in teaching children and teens how to protect themselves on the Internet.

Cyber Hygiene

You wouldn't let this happen to your phone so why do you let this happen to your brain?


Our book includes worksheets within the story, giving readers the extra tools to succeed. 

A Guide to Cyber Wellness
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